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An online store is an Internet trading platform where a company sells its goods or services. The site is a full-fledged store with a managed catalog of products, a cart, functionality for commercial accounting and tracking detailed sales statistics. Such site is intended for selling mainly large quantities of goods in the network.
A business card site is a multi-page corporate website that provides detailed information about a company and its activities. It may include articles, customer reviews, company projects, a blog, a calendar of upcoming events, information about partners, and much more.
A landing page is a one-page selling site that serves to quickly attract an audience through contextual and other types of advertising. Such site is suitable for promoting a single product or service and can also be used as a simplified version of a business card site.
A portal is suitable for implementation of web projects of high complexity and with non-standard functionality, dashboards that process big data, large information websites or the media. Internet portals are designed for high loads, individual functionality and further capacity building in the long term.
The best option is to take into account the design features of a business niche of a particular store and company identity. According to your wishes and preferences, we develop a custom design layout which is agreed for each page at the designing stage. You may have two variants of the design to choose from.
We have created several design layouts for online stores which greatly simplify the choice, because you can immediately see and choose the right visual design of your website. With this option you do not pay for individual design development but choose the layout you like from the gallery, receiving a customized design layout as a bonus.
An online store with a simple concise design based on a standard template in which you can customize the main colors of the theme, fonts, background images and logos, styles of buttons and other controls. It is suitable if you want to start selling on the Internet in a fast and economical way. In the future, upgrade to corporate design is possible.
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