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White Bee CMS

White Bee CMS is a new generation of online store platform, developed using advanced web-technologies. Professional solution with an extensive range of features and functionality

Эксклюзивный дизайн

Exclusive design

Website design is a first impression and a huge percentage of potential success. This is what allows you to evaluate the company in the first 2-3 seconds. A competent, thoughtful design helps to significantly increase the level of conversion compared to typical template solutions. When developing a prototype and creating a design, it is extremely important to consider not only the visual component of the design of the site, but also the convenience of interacting with all its elements, which will provide customers with comfortable work with your web resource. We guarantee quality and individual approach in creating design for you.

SEO оптимизация

SEO optimization

We considered the recommendations of search engines and SEO specialists for integrating the best solutions in the CMS: implemented convenient tools for the flexible management of SEO parameters (filling in meta tags, alt attributes, publishing seo texts etc.), creating human-readable URLs, automatic site map xml generation, correct markup of pagination and language versions of the pages, canonical links to avoid duplicated content, built-in semantic markup of microdata and OpenGraph markup for publishing pages on social networks.

Стабильность ПО

Stability and high speed of software performance

An unlimited number of products does not reduce the speed of the site’s performance, since the CMS of the online store is created taking into account the possibility of working under high loads. Even with up to 10 million products and a large number of visitors, your site will quickly cope with the tasks. For hosting, a virtual dedicated server (VPS) is used in the European data center, equipped with an SSD drive and reliable facilities, which guarantees high speed and stability of the software. Regularly monitored and backed up data.

Безопасность сервера и приложения

High level of server and application security

We care about data integrity and the impossibility of third-party intervention. To do this, several types of protection are used at once - from hacking the server by attackers, from DDOS attacks, protecting the application from CSRF and XSS attacks, preventing attacks through Cookie and SQL injections. Also, a high level of protection of the online store is provided through the use of HTTPS and SSL, which guarantees a secure connection between the user's browser and the server. The validity period of an SSL (TLS) certificate is regularly renewed automatically.

Benefits of White Bee CMS

Адаптивная вёрстка сайта
Responsive design

Your online store will display correctly on any type of devices and is absolutely convenient and ergonomic in all types of interaction.

Platform flexibility and extensibility
Platform flexibility and extensibility

The ability to expand your online store by connecting new software modules, plugins and components of any complexity.


The convenience of creating unlimited new language versions of the site. You can simply create new language version directly from the dashboard


Flexible work with prices, binding to the exchange rates of suppliers and automatic conversion to the main currency of the store. The number of currencies is unlimited.

Dynamic search
Dynamic search

Convenient dynamic product search with multiple types of filters and auto-completion is implemented through the Elasticsearch full-text search system.

Well thought out structure
Well thought out structure

Separate pages for promotions and new products, blocks with viewed and recommended products increase the likelihood of sales from your online store.

Customer wish list
Customer wish list

It helps the user not only making orders “here and now”, but also plan them for the future, keeping selected products on the list and have quick access to them at any time.

Reporting and statistics
Reporting and statistics

Reporting and statistics on sales in the dashboard provides an analysis of sales data for the desired period in the form of visual charts and graphs using different filters.

Delivery services
Delivery services

Integrated delivery services popular in Ukraine - Nova Poshta and Justin.

Payment system
Payment system

Paying for orders online through Privat24, Visa / Mastercard, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Additional features of White Bee CMS

  • Publication of advertising banners
  • Product rating based on reviews and a separate page for reviews of all over the store with direct product links
  • Blocks of viewed and recommended products
  • News, articles and reviews on products (mini-blog)
  • Separate pages for promotions and new products in the store
  • Customizable product stickers
  • "Magic" SEO
  • Filtering products by price, novelty and status/li>
  • Comparison of products by their features
  • Image zooming in the product gallery
  • Embedding Youtube video into the product gallery
  • Customizable statuses of goods, creation of promotions and discounts, accounting for goods in the warehouse and the signal "Last items" for the product
  • Import products into the database
  • Quick and convenient callback order
  • Embeddable chat with store manager
  • Interactive features for creating product options with the ability to assign markups for selected product option
  • Exporting store data to Excel
  • Simple and intuitive admin panel interface
  • Modern mail server

What technologies do we use?

Bootstrap 4

Our portfolio

Demo version of the sports store on the White Bee CMS platform
Demo Sports
Sporting goods shop
Online store of articulated dolls Ivydoll Studio
Ivydoll Studio
Articulated dolls shop
Online store of electronic cigarettes Vape
Vape Shop
Electronic cigarettes shop
Business card website Aria Product
Aria Product
Business card website
Online store of goods for children Active Kids
Active Kids
Children's goods store
Grill online store Progrill
Grill shop
Landing page Ivyorange
Landing page
Demo version of the online electronics store on White Bee CMS platform
Demo Electronics
Online electronics store
Design for a cosmetics store on White Bee CMS platform
Demo Cosmetics
Design for a cosmetics store
Design for an auto shop on White Bee CMS platform
Demo auto
Design for an auto shop
Design for a furniture store on White Bee CMS platform
Demo Furniture
Design for a furniture store
Design for a store of branded sneakers on White Bee CMS platform
Demo Sneakers
Design for a store of branded sneakers
Design for zoo store on White Bee CMS platform
Demo All for pets
Design for a zoo store
Design for tourist shop on White Bee CMS platform
Demo Tourism
Design for tourist equipment shop

Additional software modules

Программа лояльности
Loyalty program
150 $
Комплекты товаров
Product bundles
125 $
Покупка в 1 клик
Buy in 1 click
50 $
Авторизация через соц. сети
Authorization through social networks
60 $
Задать вопрос о товаре
Post a question about the product
65 $
Предложите аналог для товара
"Suggest an analog" for an out-of-stock item
25 $
Импорт товаров в базу данных
Product import
90 $
Экспорт товаров в Google Shopping
Export to Google Shopping
70 $
Карусель брендов
Brands carousel
and brand pages
65 $
Агрегация товаров в родительскую категорию
Aggregation of products in the root category
80 $
Ответ на отзывы
Reply to reviews
35 $
Гарантия на товар
Personal product warranty
20 $

Software modules coming soon

In work
Новый дизайн панели управления
New dashboard design
Промо коды
Promo codes
Экспорт товаров на
Product export to
Экспорт товаров в Rozetka
Product export to Rozetka

Our price policy

When buying an online store you may have 3 different options

Order an individual design, choose one of the ready-made designs or choose a basic theme with the setting of colors / fonts / buttons and the arrangement of blocks.

Online store
Basic design
  • Full platform functionality included
  • You do not pay for the design, getting a customization of the graphic theme as a gift
  • Standard design of a site with limited abilities for its stylization
  • Limited opportunities for the implementation of corporate identity and changes in the structure of the site
Online store
Ready-made design
  • Full platform functionality included
  • You get an exclusive design and its integration into CMS with a 10% discount
  • Choosing the suitable layout from the collection of ready-made designs according to your preferences
  • Limited opportunities for the implementation of corporate identity and changes in the structure of the site
Online store
Individual design
  • Full platform functionality included
  • Custom design tailored personally to your business
  • Allows you to use custom solutions and realize all your wishes with the most effective way.
  • Integration of the corporate identity features into website design or creation of corporate identity for your company from scratch.
Landing Page
  • Preparation of a detailed Terms of reference for a landing
  • Creating a prototype of a selling page to achieve the highest level of conversion, development of individual design
  • Professional page-proof and configuration of modules of any type of complexity. Long-term project support
  • The price determined depending on the amount of workload
Internet portal
  • Preparation of a detailed Terms of reference for complex web projects
  • Engineering of architecture for high-load systems with the ability to further scaling and extensibility
  • Development of non-standard functionality of any level of complexity and long-term project support
  • The price determined depending on the amount of workload

When you buy an online store, you become its full owner - we confirm your ownership of the site by using a legal contract. This means that you do not need to make any additional payments. Small updates, as well as fixing the identified problems, are free of charge.

After starting the site, you get full technical support for 2 weeks and recommendations for SEO promotion as a gift.

Additional services

Unlimited support
Unlimited support
Tech support and maintenance, free error correction, regular updates.
Google AdWords Advertising
Google AdWords Advertising
An advertising campaign to promote a site on the Google Search and Display Networks.
SEO audit and promotion
SEO audit and promotion
Attracting targeted visitors to your online store without the use of advertising.
Development of new software modules
Development of new software modules
Extension of the site functionality with new components at the request of the client.
Writing texts for sites, unique articles for blogs, SEO-copywriting, rewriting.
Text descriptions, making a list of characteristics, adding photos and videos of products.

We focus on customizing the capabilities of the site for each specific project.

You can expand the functionality of your online store by purchasing the necessary modules, the release of which we regularly inform our customers. As a result, instead of an opaque scheme with subscription fees for support and auto-renewal, you pay only for what you need.

The scheme of work on site creation

Discussion of the project and preparation of a detailed ToR
Conclusion of a formal contract
Creating a site prototype and rendering a design
Approval of an online store template with you
Professional page-proof and programming
Testing and launch, quality assurance
Delivery of the project. You become the owner of the site

We offer the development of an online store on transparent conditions

The workflow is displayed in the project management system, where the client can always see which stage the team of specialists is currently engaged in and track the progress of their project throughout the entire development period.

Our team

CEO & Chief Technical Officer

CEO & Chief Technical Officer

Backend Developer

Backend Developer

Full stack Developer

Full stack Developer



QA Engineer

QA Engineer








We are located in Kiev

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